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Autism, Aspergers, Developmental Delays
..Refer a Student to the Educational Therapist
..if the Student:
  • Makes poor grades despite significant effort
  • Needs constant, step-by-step guidance for tasks
  • Appears inattentive and loses focus
  • Cannot remember problem solving steps because they do not comprehend tasks or the logic behind them
  • Has poor memory of spoken or written material
  • Has difficulty mastering tasks or transferring academic skills to other tasks
  • Cannot remember skills and facts over time
  • Has strong general knowledge but cannot read as in dyslexia, write as in dysgraphia, or do math as in dyscalculia at grade level
  • May have difficulty with communication and language processing, expressive, and receptive language
  • Disorganization and work that appears sloppy or poorly done
  • Slow to respond to questions
  • May be very frustrated with school and homework
  • May show disinterest in school or reluctance to go to school
  • May withdrawal in class
  • May have low self esteem
  • Physical symptoms may appear such as headaches or stomach aches

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