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Autism, Aspergers, Developmental Delays
..Refer a Student to the Speech/Language
..Pathologist if the student:
  • Substitutes one sound for another
  • Omits, distorts, or adds one or more sounds
  • Is unintelligible or difficult to understand
  • Sounds distracting or unclear to the listener
  • Must be asked to repeat what they have said often
  • Has reduced vocabulary (Uses improper words and their meanings)
  • Uses inappropriate grammatical patterns
  • Demonstrates difficulty comprehending spoken language
  • Has difficulty expressing ideas
  • Has difficulty in following directions
  • Vocal quality lacks appropriate inflections, tone or volume
  • Inability to follow social speaking rules (including maintaining eye contact, staying on topic, taking turns while speaking and being a good listener)
  • Demonstrates difficulty in understanding abstract language (including idioms, jokes, sarcasm and subtle nuances)
  • Has difficulty accessing the core curriculum at school secondary to poor comprehension of subject matter (including vocabulary and major concepts)
  • Manifests difficulty in getting thoughts and ideas down on paper in written form

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