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Autism, Aspergers, Developmental Delays
We went to many specialists before finding Karen Schnee and she was the first to correctly diagnose our son’s auditory processing disorder. Once diagnosed, Karen began a remarkable journey with our son and has been an essential part of his learning to read and write, and his tremendous success in school. Karen has been a wonderful partner with our son’s teachers and other specialists and has helped them to understand the most effective ways to teach students with auditory processing challenges. Without Karen, we would still be struggling in the dark about how to help our son. Karen has made such a difference in our lives!

Melonie and Bill Karbon, parents of Chase Karbon

Karen Schnee is one of speech therapists' best kept secrets. Our son Gregory has been working with her for the last few years now. Karen continues to impress me with her spot-on evaluations of Gregory. She has an uncanny ability to put her finger on exactly what the issue is that keeps Gregory from participating in a life that typical kids enjoy. She is teaching Gregory to participate in life and is helping him overcome whatever roadblocks stand in his way. With solid credentials and practical experience in speech and education, Karen has a rare skill set that is hard to find elsewhere. I have personally seen her take Gregory from not comprehending even his own grade level in school to something truly exceptional. Karen has attended two of our yearly IEP’s and set the goals with the respect from every member of Gregory’s team. We believe that Karen has helped Gregory make remarkable progress which has given us hope for our child.

Jan Linder-Koda, mother of Gregory Koda

My six year old son has been seeing Karen for nearly two years. His improvement has sky rocketed! Her techniques are unique! My son always looks forward to seeing Karen. She makes learning fun, exciting and beneficial. Out of all the therapists I have come across she has been the best. I can’t thank her enough for all that she have done for my son.

Farah Zadeh, mother of Coby Zadeh

My experience with Karen Schnee and her testing of my daughter was a most positive one. Not only did she go above and beyond her job to accommodate my needs as a disabled parent by driving to Santa Barbara to test my daughter, but she discovered that my daughter has other disabilities besides inattention and is a Learning Disabled Child. The tests I feel were accurate and precise and more explicative of what I saw as a parent. Education is important to succeed in life and I would recommend Karen Schnee if you want honest unbiased test results.

Dianne Hearn, mother of Danielle Hearn

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